Get Hummered Can Make You Happy “Like Nothing Else”

The “Happy Jack” Hummer commercial is probably one of the most entertaining Ads we have seen on television. How could you ever forget that moody-looking boy who entered a soapbox derby? With the help of a friend, he was able to build a car that looks just like a H2 Hummer, except that his was much smaller and made of wood. At first, you would think the boy wouldn’t stand a chance against the other drivers. But surprisingly, Happy Jack in his big-wheeled contraption went off the road, cut straight across the switchbacks and crossed the finish line first.

More than winning, experiencing the time of your life requires “thinking outside the box”. Now just like the Happy Jack video, making your special events more meaningful and memorable requires creativity and a touch of style. With extraordinary events to celebrate, you don’t have to settle with mediocrity. You can certainly give the occasion a personal touch by arriving at the event in style.

Get Hummered is the limo provider in Brisbane that caters to the increasing demands for hummer hire today. With its aim to provide an exceptional travel experience to all its clients, the company’s fleet expanded offers 7 hummers that can be booked for any occasion across many areas in Queensland.

Today, Get Hummered offers the newest stretch hummer limos that are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. With a total of 7 hummers in operation, the company can give you the most reliable services you can ever imagine. These vehicles will get you buzzing to your next destination.

Whether it is a corporate function or a bachelor’s party, Get Hummered can certainly make you feel ecstatic like nothing else. With the services they offering, they can give you the kind of luxury and fun you are looking for. These hummer limos are particularly in demand for parties, weddings and corporate functions. Apart from the fact that these vehicles are lavishly fitted with laser lights, bars and plasma screens, their professional and friendly chauffeurs will truly make the experience more worthwhile.

Committed to providing the best service in the market, Get Hummered is dedicated to making any event as memorable as it can be. Today, you no longer have to stick with the conventional. As far as event preparation is concerned, hummer limos from Get Hummered can make you feel exceptional like nothing else.