Formal Hummer

Stretch Hummer Limo

Formal Hummer: Be the envy of everyone from your school and arrive to your school formal stretch hummer limo style.

  • This latest trend of stretch hummer limos is fun & stylish;
  • Hummer limos allow everyone to be together in the one hummer for the whole arrival experience;
  • The journey to the formal in a hummer limo adds to the excitement and anticipation of the night ahead and ensures you can share it with all your friends;
  • Feel famous at the start of a memorable night by arriving in a stretch hummer limo.

Party Hummer Gold Coast

Get Hummered has the largest fleet of stretch hummer limos, which allows us to provide the widest choice of size & colour in stretch formal hummer limos. All our hummer limos are fitted with leather seats, bar facilities, plasma screens, sound systems & fibre optic neon lighting.

Gold Coast Formal Car Hire

Formal Hummer: To ensure you are guaranteed your preferred hummer limo for your school formal, call us today on 04111 48662 to book your hummer limo.

* Min numbers apply