Get Hummered started the trend of stretch hummer hire Brisbane, bringing the 1st stretch hummer to Queensland in February 2008.

Thanks to Get Hummered’s popularity and success and the demand for hummer hire Brisbane, the hummer fleet quickly expanded from 1 to 6 hummers to provide hummer hire in Gold Coast & Mackay.

Being the innovators & leaders in stretch hummer hire, Get Hummered became the first company in Australia to provide the World’s largest hummer, the 24 seater super stretch.  It is the only one of its kind in Qld.

The growth of Get Hummered can be attributed to good customer service, honouring every booking and always turning up to bookings.

Get Hummered offers the largest fleet of stretch hummers in Qld, with 6 hummers in total.  We offer Brisbane hummer hire, Gold Coast hummer hire & Mackay hummer hire.  We service from North of Mackay, all along the East coast of Qld right through to Northern NSW.  We also service areas west of Brisbane in South East Qld.

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Who We Are

Get Hummered is owned and operated by 2 Gold Coast families.  Our team of professional drivers love driving our hummers and servicing our customers.  They have a variety of backgrounds including pilots, firemen & retired Australian basketball players.  They aim to make every hummer booking a memorable event.

Our stretch hummers were built in the USA and we purchased them brand new.  The largest hummer, the 24 seater super stretch, was modified in Australia under our direction.  Before GM ceased manufacturing hummers in 2009, we were fortunate enough to purchase their last remaining hummers that were from their latest model fleet.